Showcasing Our Best and Brightest Students, Part 2

Earlier this month I wrote a post about the Torchbearer award. I discussed how we surprise the students in class then give them a shout out on social media. This year we decided to go a step further. Earlier this week we released a wrap up video highlighting the reactions of the students. Each of the seven Torchbearers were highlighted in the video. 
Each student was surprised in a different environment. One by their coach, one in a group meeting, one in class, etc. The emotions ranged from surprised to tearful joy. It was a great way to continue to show our appreciation for these amazing Volunteers.
We don’t plan to stop there. We want to continue to push out their stories in hopes of gaining media attention of their work. We wrote a press release highlighting their achievements and are now filming interviews. These interviews can be sprinkled in to other videos we create and showcase how our best students perceive the university.
P.S.: Yes, that is the back of my head in the first shot. I make several appearances (which I was not aware of) in this video!

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