It’s Graduation Photo Time in Tennessee

We see students across campus getting their graduation pictures taken across campus. Some will stand in front of the Torchbearer, some will hover beside the Pedestrian Walkway seal, and some will walk across the checkerboard path in front of Neyland Stadium.
We begin to use the hashtag #UTgrad2017 so that we can compile pictures for social media posts before commencement. Each year we are so impressed by the pictures we get from students. They wear bright orange clothes, they decorate amazing graduation caps, and they even bring props.
This week, our student photography intern was taking some graduation photos for a friend on his own time by the Torchbearer statue. Out of nowhere, Vol football great Alvin Kamara came up and joined the photo shoot. The pictures that our intern posted after the shoot were hilarious (and great). The pictures are now going viral and local media outlets are beginning to cover the story.
While our office did not play any role in the pictures, it is another fun way to get some positive publicity. We will definitely pull these shots in to our commencement roundup posts so everyone can enjoy them as much as we have.

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