Creating Social Media Accounts for Media Relations Offices

A few months ago our team began discussing other ways we could get the news out to media other than press releases, emails, and phone calls. We decided it was time to create a Twitter account that would serve as a way to connect with journalists.
We created the @UTKnoxvilleNews account and have been building our audience. We are close to 600 followers at this point. This account serves as a great way to share news that might not fit on our main @UTKnoxville Twitter account. We can also use it to tweet at reporters or news organizations. We have pitched faculty experts to national news organizations. We have also shared stories with a local element to Knoxville media.
We’ve also joined in conversations when stories have been published mentioning how UT fits in to the story. It is a great way to build up relationships with reporters and keep their Twitter feed filled with UT news. 


But it’s not just about sharing our stories. We retweet UT stories from the news organizations Twitter accounts and we like and comment when appropriate. Hopefully next we can connect with reporters from the New York Times, CNN, the Washington Post, etc.






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