Using GIFs to Grab Your Attention

Our alumni magazine has had some big changes over the past couple of years. Each time a new issue hits mailboxes we begin to share the stories on social media so even more people can read them. In our newest edition we included a story about Paula Pell. She was a writer for Saturday Night Live and happens to be one of our alums.

We usually post a link to the story with a very visual photograph. This time we decided to have some fun and create a GIF of her wearing a coonskin cap which connects her to UT. The GIF show her making different faces which showcases her creative side.


Although the post did not get as much engagement as I would have hoped, it is still one of my favorite posts we have created this year. The post has personality and brings more life to the story we are pushing out to our audience.

I would like to do another GIF in an upcoming story and see how it does compared to our Paula Pell version. It might do even better if we include something even more Vol-themed. Smokey? A Power T? A Torch?


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