Sharing Messages During Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Each year the university hosts events during April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The Center for Health Education and Wellness spearheads these efforts. Our office helps promote the events beforehand. We also know that it is important to share the messages from the events after they finish. Many students will not attend any of the events due to many reasons. That doesn’t mean we can’t still make sure they hear information.

This year we created a wrap up video after the Hike the Hill in Heels event. We had taken pictures and posted them in an album format in previous years. Our new chancellor was planning to be at the event. This was an opportunity to send a message that she is serious about sexual assault prevention. We compiled shots from the event with portions of her speech. We were able to turn the video around in less than four hours and share them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


It was a great way to get the message out and we will continue to use quick videos as a way to share important messages from the Chancellor.


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