Welcoming Rokerthon to Rocky Top, Part 1

Our office had the great opportunity to help plan an event called Rokerthon, which is part of the Today show on NBC. We welcomed Al Roker to campus and helped break a world record live on television.
It took a village to get more than 4,000 campus community members to take part. Did I mention they had to be there by 5:30 am? Two of the key tools that helped us were social media campaigns and student leader involvement.
We invited more than 100 student leaders on campus to a meeting. We discussed how they could help spread the word and encourage participation. We used competitions with big prizes as a way to draw dorm residents and student organizations.
We also used Snapchat stories and Instagram stories to encourage registration for the event. More than 4,000 followers viewed our stories on Snapchat while more than 7,000 viewed our stories on Instagram
The person who helped us the most with our campaigns was our social media intern Alexandria. She helped us get the word out on social media in a fun way. She also had a chance to take over the Today show Snapchat account during the event. What a great experience!


Overall, the event was a success. We could not have done it without the use of social media campaigns along with word of mouth from our most prominent student leaders on campus.

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