How to Promote Your News Again

I heard a great talk from the social media manager of the University of Nebraska while at the CASE conference. One idea he had for social media was a roundup of that week’s biggest university news stories.
I thought that this was an interesting idea. We share our news on the UT social media accounts but we usually only share it once. This Friday roundup would be another great way to re-purpose the stories and get them in front of more eyes. This would be useful as more reporters from local and national news outlets follow us.
The university creates a quick video that recaps the top headlines for the week. They use one still image with each headline that aligns with the story.
They post this roundup on their Instagram account. We could post on our Instagram to reach our followers but could also expand to Twitter to reach reporters.

In the news at NEBRASKA! #UNL #HuskerPower

A post shared by University of Nebraska–Lincoln (@unlincoln) on Mar 12, 2017 at 12:00pm PDT



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