A New Trend in Higher Ed: Spotify Playlists

I heard a lot of social media managers discuss using Spotify during the conference this week. I have mixed emotions about this new trend. I do enjoy using Spotify but I am not sure that I would have downloaded a playlist that my university posted. I did graduate 7 years ago so things might be different now.
Some schools are creating playlists based on the time of the year. One school created one for Spring Break and another created one with “chill” music for exams. They then posted links to the playlists on Instagram and Twitter.
The one time this might work for our accounts would be before Volapalooza. The annual concert has grown to include a few artists who perform at the event. It might be cool to create a playlist with music from the performers to get students ready for the concert.
I am not sure if there would be another good time for us to do this. Has anyone created a playlist for a certain time of year or specific event? If so, how did you track how many people listened to it?

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