Power T Pancakes are a Vol’s Best Friend

We’ve had a lot of success with posting food on the UT social media accounts. Vols love UT-themed food tutorials. Our first video was during Homecoming. We put together a tutorial on how to make a Smokey in a Blanket!

Next we showcased “Power T” themed pancakes for National Pancake Day! Surprisingly this short video did better than the Smokey in a Blanket tutorial.

We volunteer to eat all the pancakes on #nationalpancakeday ! 🍊🥞

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I’m not sure what it is about food that makes people engage more on social media. But my hope is that we can continue to do quick tutorials that relate back to the university. Some ideas that come to mind include “The Rock” rice krispie treats or “Big Orange Friday” biscuits.

Have you ever created any food tutorials that tie in your institution’s traditions? Have they been more popular than you expected them to be?


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