Making Research Relatable for Our Audiences


Photo: UT Office of Communications & Marketing

It’s hard to make research relatable. I would cry if I had to make sense of one of our professor’s research findings. There is someone in our office who excels at making research interesting and fun to read. Lola Alapo takes complex studies and turns them in to interesting stories. 

She’s made molehills out of mountains. Yes, you heard that right. Let me explain. She recently wrote a release about a mole study. She took a mountain (the study) and made a molehill (the story). In my explanation, a molehill is a fun and easy-to-read story. I don’t know if that even made sense.  I was trying to use a reference that related to her story. Oh well!
She’s also written about bats. These creatures can be interesting on their own. Lola referenced Batman in the headline of her release. Who wouldn’t open that email to read more?
My favorite story that Lola has written references my boyfriend’s favorite past time last summer, Pokemon Go. She wrote about how people express their inner hunters. Here’s an excerpt:
Interested in birding or wildlife photography? Enjoy playing Pokémon Go and catching imaginary creatures? If so, you may simply be expressing your inner hunter. So says a new study from Vladimir Dinets, a research assistant professor of psychology at UT.
Did it catch your attention? It caught mine! I went home and showed the story to my boyfriend.
We post her stories on the UT website, UT Knoxville social media accounts, and in campus magazines. Lola has done a phenomenal job showcasing some of the research that is being done at the university. It would be very hard for me to make research relatable. Lola makes it look easy.

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