Developing a Social Presence on Your University Website


Our web team launched a website redesign last year. The main UT websites went through a major overhaul. 
The part I was most excited for was the new social page. The page includes a stream from our Twitter and Instagram accounts. It also includes a hashtag guide of the most used hashtags across campus. Remember when I mentioned #volshelpvols last week? It’s listed on the hashtag guide. The team also imported all the UT emoji stickers to this location. This spot is easier to access than the previous location. 
The highlight of the page is “The Hub.” We compiled a list of all units across campus and added each social media account that unit oversees. It serves as a way for students to follow the accounts they want when scrolling through the list.
As potential students visit the website, they will see the social page. We hope that these visitors will follow us and have the chance to see what the Volunteer experience is like.
Do you have a dedicated social media page on your university website? Has traffic from this page driven more followers to your social media accounts?

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