Jumping on a Viral Opportunity

You have to be quick if you want to jump in on something that is going viral. That’s how our social media team handled a viral tweet from yesterday. Yes…yesterday afternoon.
A student tweeted that his resident assistant read him a bedtime story for his birthday. As of 10:49 p.m. tonight, that tweet has been retweeted 4,063 times. It’s been liked 14,644 times.

Tweet: @akochamba

The tweet showcases one Vol doing something nice for another Vol. A popular phrase on campus is “Vols Help Vols.” It’s also used a lot as a hashtag. It can range from friends doing nice things to complete strangers helping each other out.
Our social media team saw this as an opportunity to jump in the fun and showcase the #volshelpvols theme. We quoted the tweet and wrote #volshelpvols this morning. Local media stations, and even Mashable, have picked up the story.
If we had waited even a few hours later, we could have missed the opportunity to be a part of the fun.
Have you jumped on a viral social media post? Did you see a lot of engagement from your followers?

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