Infographics: The New Way to Share Important Info

It’s hard to get students to read long articles. That’s why our office has started to use infographics to share important information. The infographics are visual and easy for readers to digest.
We’ve shared infographics on a range of topics. We created two infographics to attach to a story about tips for avoiding the flu and how to treat it.

We’ve also shared infographics about students volunteering during fall break. They were popular among students and alumni on our social media accounts.


One topic that we have relied on infographics for each year is the breakdown of student fees. The infographics have been a popular way to explain a confusing topic in a simple way.


We plan to create an infographic highlighting ways students can spend their summers. It will focus on taking summer classes, studying abroad, conducting research, and getting a job or internship.
What type of infographics have you created? Have they been popular with students?

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