Keep Them Guessing Before the Big Reveal

Volapalooza has become the largest student-organized event on campus. It’s an annual tradition that is popular among UT students and the Knoxville community.
It’s held each year on the last day of classes and has featured acts ranging from Three 6 Mafia to Passion Pit.

I have noticed that accounts across campus will leak parody lineups before the official announcement. This is a fun way to build anticipation and keep people interested in the official announcement.

This year the Volapalooza Twitter account leaked a parody lineup.


The Tangerine then leaked their own version of the lineup. People shared the parody lineups and the event awareness grew.

When it came time for the announcement, the official lineup tweet
was retweeted almost 200 times. Students tweeted their excitement and awareness grew.


Photo: @Volapalooza

Have you tried parody posts? Were they a success? Did other groups create their own parodies based on yours?


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