Educating Our Students through Tutorials

Campus offices offer workshops on a variety of topics throughout the year. Topics range from personal wellness, career development, and safety.
We would love all students to attend these workshops to help them prepare for things in college and the real world. But we know that we cannot get all 27,000 students to attend each workshop.
We debuted tutorials on Snapchat and Instagram to reach students who will never attend a workshop.
The first tutorial was about how to use the Guardian Safety app. Our social media intern developed the Snapchat story and we were able to reach more than 4,000 followers. The tutorial covered every step, from downloading the app to using the app in an emergency.
The second tutorial was about how students can be an active bystander. I attended a workshop hosted by the Center for Health Education and Wellness last semester. I used the Instagram story feature to share tips the presenters gave for how to be an active bystander. This tutorial reached more than 5,000 followers.
We want to continue to use Snapchat and Instagram tutorials to reach students in the future. I have ideas for tutorials that include how to land an internship, how to stay safe during Spring Break, and how to make the most of your summer vacation.

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