Remembering Our Fellow Volunteers

A new initiative I helped implement last semester was the “Our Volunteer Family” remembrance posts. These posts students who had passed away. This Division of Student Life led this initiative. The posts are another way the division shows care and support for our students and their loved ones.
Whether a student was new to UT or had been on campus a long time, each one made an impact on the Volunteer community. These posts serve as a way for the university to remember these Vols and offer support to other students.
Each post includes the student’s major and involvement on campus. The post also shares a link to an external memorial website. We share these posts on the UT website and in the student newsletter.
The university does not post these remembrances on social media. We focus on sharing these posts using the tools that reach our internal audiences.
I have not been able to find other examples of universities who create remembrance posts. If anyone reading this finds other examples, please e-mail me. I want to learn more about how other universities approach student remembrances.



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