Meet Our Volunteer Family Spotlights

Highlighting members of your university community is a wonderful way you can showcase the mix of personalities across campus.

This semester, I started a new spotlight series that features students, faculty, staff, and alumni who inspire and encourage others to make the UT campus community better each day.

While my office regularly posts stories and writes press releases highlighting Vols across campus, this feature is a great way to let others hear directly from those being spotlighted. Each story uses a question-and-answer format and allows the person to tell their unique story by using direct quotes.

I share the spotlights on the UT website and in the campus newsletters that go out to every faculty and staff member and every student on campus. Our social media team also posts the stories across Twitter and Instagram.



Two students and one staff member have been highlighted so far. The feedback has been tremendous and the campus community is excited to see more members of our “Vol family” highlighted throughout the year.

Read the first three stories about Charmayne, Don, and Tyger.

Shout-Out to Baylor University

Baylor University does a great job of highlighting their campus community with the regular #BearsofBaylor posts. Each person highlighted is featured on their Facebook page. The post includes a quote and a link to a story that features more information and additional quotes.


Next time on the blog, I will talk about how we utilize our communications tools to help when our neighbors are in need.


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